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Boy Games

Because of their playful nature, boys are known to engage in different types of games. These games are identified as boy games. Boy games are usually played using a certain type of toy set. Toys in boy games may come in a form of action characters or different types of equipment used in popular sports for men. Here's a run down of popular boy games:

# Water gun fights - Boy games that use water guns may be played on the outdoor field. Players may create soldier-like or police-like characters that would require the chase in boy games like this. The water gun is used to capture the opponent and score points in many kinds of boy games.

# 3-legged race boy games - These boy games are best played with those who are in the same age bracket, just to be fair with other players. This means that 12 year-old boys should form their own group for these boy games instead of playing with 6-year old playmates. Players in a group should ideally be of the same size. In this kind of boy games, boys are paired up to form a team. The right leg would then be tied to the left leg of the team; the objective is to go as a unit. To win in this kind of boy games, the team should race to the finish first.

# War boy games - In this popular kind of boy games, players may use a gun or a sword as their primary weapon. Teams may also be formed to compete against each other. They may represent different characters such as law enforcers against criminals.

# Pirates as boy games - With multitudes of pirate movies in history, boys could re-enact them or make up a treasure hunt. This could be turned into a "war" if they insist on having a duel in this type of boy games. Take note, though, that even toy swords can hurt if the end hits the eye of a playmate in this kind of boy games.

# Spoon race boy games - For this type of boy games, players need to prepare a spoon and a piece of food or fruit, such as an egg or an apple. Participants of these boy games would have a spoon clenched between teeth; they would then pass the item to one another. They're not allowed to hold the spoon, that's why the the item may easily fall off the spoon. The goal is to finish first in passing the item to all members of the team.